Open GIScience

Joseph Holler's Open GIScience Curriculum at Middlebury College

Fall 2023 Open GIScience

In this course, we will study geographic information science (GIScience) by reproducing published research with open-source geospatial software. We will debate issues in GIScience by applying critical GIS scholarship, fundamentals of spatial data and analysis, and evidence from our reproduction studies. We will practice open GIScience by collaboratively developing research plans, acquiring and describing spatial data, analyzing and visualizing data with SQL and R, and testing for error and uncertainty. Our research products and results will be published with open science standards in public portfolios. We typically investigate research with themes of human-environment interactions, health, hazards, urban development, and more. These research themes require and integrate social/demographic data, environmental data, and big data.

Fall 2023

Meeting Lesson
Sep-12 Syllabus Syllabus
Sep-12 Syllabus Honor Code
Sep-14 Lecture Is GIS a Science?
Sep-14 Tutorial Research and Publish with GitHub
Sep-19 Lecture Reproducible and Open GIScience
Sep-20 Tutorial Spatial R
Sep-21 Lecture Disability and COVID-19 Study
Sep-21 Lab Disability and COVID-19 Reproduction
Sep-26 Lecture Spatial Hotspots
Sep-28 Lecture Generalized Estimating Equations and motivations for open science
Sep-28 Lab Disability and COVID-19 Reproduction
Oct-03 Lecture Malawi Climate Vulnerability
Oct-05 Break I-GUIDE
Oct-05 Lab Malawi Climate Vulnerability Reproduction
Oct-10 Lecture Provenance, Error and Uncertainty
Oct-12 Lecture Vulnerability Uncertainty
Oct-12 Lab Malcomb et al Reanalysis
Oct-14 Break Fall Break
Oct-17 Lecture GitHub Site Review
Oct-19 Lecture Reproducible Research Compendia
Oct-19 Lab Introductory Spatial Python
Oct-24 Lecture Social Vulnerability Index
Oct-26 Lecture SoVI Validity Study
Oct-26 Lab SoVI Validity Reproduction and Reanalysis
Oct-31 Lecture Future of GIScience
Nov-02 Lecture COVID-19 Spatial Accessibility
Nov-02 Lab COVID-19 Spatial Accessibility Reproduction
Nov-07 Lecture Geographic Threats to Validity
Nov-09 Lecture COVID-19 Spatial Accessibility Preanalysis
Nov-09 Lab COVID-19 Spatial Accessibility Replication
Nov-14 Lecture Independent Project Ideas
Nov-16 Lecture Analysis Plan Registration
Nov-16 Lab Replication Study Implementation
Nov-23 Break Thanksgiving Break
Nov-28 Lecture Writing replications
Nov-30 Lecture Project validity
Nov-30 Lab Project implementation
Dec-05 Lecture Project consultation
Dec-07 Lecture GitHub Site Review
Dec-11 Lab The End

Members of Fall 2023

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